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Sell Like a Natural, Even When You’re Not

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About The Book

So you didn’t dream of becoming a salesperson as a kid?

Good news! You’re not alone!

In her 20 years of sales and training experience, Amy Walker has met very few people that set out to be in sales. Most of them, like you, fell into it. You are entrepreneurs, small business owners, network marketers, and sales professionals who are passionate about a product, a service, or a paycheck. And somehow you path led you to sales.

And maybe, sales doesn’t come naturally to you.

In The “I’m Not a Salesperson” Sales Book Amy Walker shares the secrets to sales success that will work for anyone. So whether you are a novice, or an experienced sales leader, you will find usable script templates, mindset tools, and sales psychology tools to help you close more deals.

You’ll learn the critical skills to converting new clients while building strong, lasting relationships. Sales doesn’t have to be pushy. What if you could unlock the door to feeling confident in your sales conversations?

What You Will Learn With This Book

  • Tools to reset your sales mindset and set you up for success

  • Templates for your most important conversations to build your own high-converting scripts

  • The formula to overcome any sales objection with ease

  • The psychology of sales and how the best sales start with powerful questions

  • Simple formulas to help you know what numbers to track and how to read them

  • Sales strategies that will help you finalize those hard to close clients and deals

Words Of Praise

Amy Walker has written a book every salesperson needs-even if you don’t think you can be good in this business. Not only does Amy break down the selling process, but she provides tips, scripts and motivation to do sales in your own way. One of the most valuable chapters for me was the chapter on overcoming financial objections. I get “I can’t afford you” a lot in my business. This chapter helped me see what I’m doing wrong when navigating the financial conversation and gave me simple, yet effective tweaks that will increase my results. I also found it invaluable to understand the three different types of financial barriers so that I can speak to those individually long before I ask for the sale. A valuable and easy read!”

Michelle McCullough

Author: Make It Happen Blueprint

Dr. Monikah


“Every several years you meet a coach who has both the willingness and the ability to assist businesses owners with a real breakthrough. It is extremely rare to find a business coach who’s providing something more than rehashed, repackage coaching. Amy Walker’s new book is neither rehashed nor repackaged. It is fresh, relevant and game changing for those who will take it to heart and apply it. If you are serious about increasing both revenue and profit read this book now!”

About The Author

Amy Walker is a Small Business Strategist, International Speaker, Executive Business Coach, Author and a busy wife and mom to 5 boys.

Amy is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a business model that works, makes money, and doesn't take over their lives. She believes that business can be a platform for creating positive change in the world. Amy is a master sales trainer with the ability to train on both the mindset and skill set aspects of sales. She has trained hundreds of sales teams and thousands of individuals. 

Amy has been featured in Fast Company, Huffington Post, US News and World Report, and CEO World Magazine. She has spoken for The Geeked Out Marketing Conference, The Georgia State Chamber of Commerce, 72 Hours of Power entrepreneur conference, Playtime is Over women empowerment conference, The Utah State Public Employees Association, Utah State Bar Association, and many more.

Amy and her husband Stephen have been married for 19 years. They are residents of Jackson County Ga.

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